The Wrasslin’ Pay Windah

Well an new year and a lengthy time away from the blog. Blitzed out a Warmaster Chaos Dwarf army in early December, but finished it so quickly it was out the door before I got a chance to photograph any of it. Nice Polar Fox figures too.

After that and up to my Christmas painting free period (actually I painted some Dreadball, but more of that later) I painted the core set for Rumbleslam.

Nice characterful resin figures these. Nice and sharply incised detail. mold lines were significant, but they were very easy to scrape clean. Sparse on extraneous detail though, perhaps understandable in their sport of choice.

So a bit of Dreadball, delivering the very opposite experience mold line wise. Fine mold lines that are an absolute nightmare to get off. Once again making me glad I don’t push on with my KoW Elves as that requires perhaps 40 figures worth of cleaning! Nice figures eventually, still have the somewhat more straightforward strikers (less complicated armour) still to go.

Kalyshi 2.jpg

Still struggling to find a decent predictable varnish (all the above were done with the same can of so called matt). Having acquired an ultrasonic cleaner and a respirator at Christmas I might start using airbrush varnish instead.

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