Lizards & Orcs

Another Warmaster commission complete. I recall Lizards were one of the final armies to be released for Warmaster (mere months before it fell off the store’s shelves I think). As such they’re probably some of the nicest sculpts of the lot, with the characters being particularly fine.

Also been involving myself with Warmaster’s upcoming “Vanguard” fantasy skirmish game. Can’t get into too many rules details  as I’ve signed an NDA. That said as with most Mantic sytems, huge amounts are in the public domain already including a working version of the rules for those interested: Vanguard Beta

I could be playtesting with my Elves which never really got to a decent size for Kings of War despite my holding that system in high regard. That of course makes too much sense, so I’ve started painting some orcs instead.

Looks like a force for Vanguard is between 8-16 models, so getting that done should be pretty straightforward. I may make some custom movement trays for them to use in Kings of War, this time I’ll make scenic trays so I can take full use of the “use less than 10 models to count as 10 models” rules. Pretty sure 6 orcs on a scenic tray will pass for 10 packed tight together, will better suit their bestial nature regardless.

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