Some thoughts on Enforcers

Deadzone Enforcers

Bit of a change of pace and subject matter from the norm with some thoughts on the universe of Mantic’s Deadzone:


So Enforcers, everyone’s favorite faceless, emotionless, amoral, asset amelioration solution.
Some would call them inhuman, but is that actually true?
Are they, perhaps, Cyborgs?
Well I know what you’re thinking, obviously Pathfinders are human(ish). Hard to argue against that, but their battlefield role demands they operate well outside supply lines where power outlets for armour (or indeed a big clanky mechanical body) aren’t going to be reliably available.
Perhaps the Pathfinder role is the first job an Enforcer takes on before being uploaded into armour.
We know they don’t seem to retire, (at least not in public) and only officers ever show their “faces” (perhaps a robocop style appliance). Forcing open an Enforcer armour suit reveals only dust inside the articulated plates as the internals (be they human or biomechanical) are scuttled.
The proportions on Enforcers are suspect in a number of ways. The Knee joints seem barely sufficient to fit a leg into (impossible in the case of the “early” Mks of Enforcer armour). The heads too seem very small, perhaps just possible to squeeze a human head into, but leaving little actual armour on what’s perhaps the critical point. The arms are very long and this is taken to the greatest extreme with Peacekeeper armour. They’re incredibly broad of shoulder (far more so than the already super buff Pathfinders) yet the arms are still very nearly down to the knees if straightened as well as being pretty spindly. If there is a human in there, their arms are not in the suits arms.
This hypothesis would also explain why there appears to be female Pathfinders but no female Enforcers or Peacekeepers
Lt Commander Roca is sticking point for this hypothesis, however he’s a Forward Observer and that armour has much more substantial knees and a bigger helm that does look like it could contain a human.
There’s another possibility beyond surgical brain extraction and artificial bodies. Perhaps Enforcers are closer to Asterian Cyphers (or probably more likely Marionettes). Thus any Enforcer can fight as a Pathfinder when required or be wired up in orbit and connect to an Enforcer suit planetside.
So what do we think? Is this a conspiracy? A cover up? Are humanities finest warriors not human at all? I think we should be told.

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