The thing I feel is most important when it comes to entrusting someone else to paint your treasured miniatures collection, is communication. That’s one of the reasons I use a blog page, it means I can give constant progress updates once I commence work on your commission, and you can see what you’re getting (very nearly) as it happens.

Before all that however, we need to figure out exactly what you want, how you want it done, and when you need it finished. Transport back and forth also needs to be discussed. I can buy your figures for you and assemble them with appropriate conversions if you wish. I’d recommend always ensuring there’s a hard case involved. I can acquire these too. All of the above can of course greatly affect the value of the commission, as well as postage.

Costs for these sorts of thing can of course vary hugely. I’m happy to do a quick job so your army can be ready for an upcoming tournament or similar. This will likely mean a simpler paint job, but with the benefit of a lower final cost. I’d always ensure that anything I deliver would pass the 2 feet test at the very least.

If you’re interested in using my service. Feel free to contact me (via the helpfully titled “Contact” page) and we can start a consultation.