Lizards & Orcs

Another Warmaster commission complete. I recall Lizards were one of the final armies to be released for Warmaster (mere months before it fell off the store’s shelves I think). As such they’re probably some of the nicest sculpts of the lot, with the characters being particularly fine.

Also been involving myself with Warmaster’s upcoming “Vanguard” fantasy skirmish game. Can’t get into too many rules details  as I’ve signed an NDA. That said as with most Mantic sytems, huge amounts are in the public domain already including a working version of the rules for those interested: Vanguard Beta

I could be playtesting with my Elves which never really got to a decent size for Kings of War despite my holding that system in high regard. That of course makes too much sense, so I’ve started painting some orcs instead.

Looks like a force for Vanguard is between 8-16 models, so getting that done should be pretty straightforward. I may make some custom movement trays for them to use in Kings of War, this time I’ll make scenic trays so I can take full use of the “use less than 10 models to count as 10 models” rules. Pretty sure 6 orcs on a scenic tray will pass for 10 packed tight together, will better suit their bestial nature regardless.

The Wrasslin’ Pay Windah

Well an new year and a lengthy time away from the blog. Blitzed out a Warmaster Chaos Dwarf army in early December, but finished it so quickly it was out the door before I got a chance to photograph any of it. Nice Polar Fox figures too.

After that and up to my Christmas painting free period (actually I painted some Dreadball, but more of that later) I painted the core set for Rumbleslam.

Nice characterful resin figures these. Nice and sharply incised detail. mold lines were significant, but they were very easy to scrape clean. Sparse on extraneous detail though, perhaps understandable in their sport of choice.

So a bit of Dreadball, delivering the very opposite experience mold line wise. Fine mold lines that are an absolute nightmare to get off. Once again making me glad I don’t push on with my KoW Elves as that requires perhaps 40 figures worth of cleaning! Nice figures eventually, still have the somewhat more straightforward strikers (less complicated armour) still to go.

Kalyshi 2.jpg

Still struggling to find a decent predictable varnish (all the above were done with the same can of so called matt). Having acquired an ultrasonic cleaner and a respirator at Christmas I might start using airbrush varnish instead.

Guildball & Gladiators

As promised the Veteran Mist figure all done. Much nicer than the standard (and bears absolutely no visual relationship to the original in pose or design). A great deal less breakable too.

guildball veteran mist

Also for those who like games about gladiators we have the figures from Gale Force (‘s Spartacus board game. These were some kind of soft PVC material with a smell evocative to several eighties toys. Battle Beasts anyone? No? Just me then.

The ones that came with the base game (gathered together below) are really pretty basic with soft detail. The ones from the supplements in the bottom picture are much sharper and generally nicer figures. All needed a bit of the hairdryer treatment to straighten out bent weapons a bit.

spartacus gladiators 1

spartacus gladiators 2

Coming up soon we’ll have one of the Dungeon Saga supplements done (not sure if it’ll be the Warlord of Galahir (Orcs), or Infernal Crypts (Abyssals). Also still more Warmaster in the form of a Bretonnian army.


One set of Space Hulk terminators done and dusted. Nice figures on the whole, though I think the compromises to make them simple “board game” figures went a bit far in a few places with cables springing out of odd locations on mold join lines. Still nice to paint Space Marines again as it’s been a few years since I painted a loyalist one.

I’ve also managed to get the required stuff done to bulk my Deadzone Enforcers out sufficiently to field them as a (small) Warpath: Firefight army. They’re a rather different project, as I’ve adopted some techniques from military modelers, not usually deployed on sci-fi wargame figures.

Several of this batch were from Mantic’s “Dark Days of Restic” period. I found them to be a real mixed bag. The captain (aside from an egregious mold line across the the inset folds of his cloak) came out pretty well, the Assault Enforcer in the leaping pose was mostly OK and the engineer was pretty grim.

I’ve got 2 more specialists to do for the Deadzone version, then I shall turn myself to getting my Plague “Warpathable “to match.

Next contracts are a full set of the Spartacus miniatures (“Do you like games about Gladiators?) A couple of bonus Vampire Count Skeleton units for Warmaster, apparently six regiments just isn’t enough! Also a new Guildball Union figure has dropped so I’ll get him done too.

Vampires and Vampire Space Marines

Vampire Count Warmaster finally put to bed, Been a bit quiet of late as a hard drive failure has made getting photos up a little harder. Also stopped me from checking my work so a fair few photos of the Vampire Counts were unsalvagable!


Still first up we have some Ethereal Host Possibly the simplest paint job of any unit ever, looks pretty impactful on the table though.

ethereal host 1024

Then we have some Ghouls:


Black Coach

black coach

And lastly a scattering of characters.


Hopefully these’ll be gracing a table from the nice chaps at The Warmaster Podcast sometime soon.

Also in this period I’ve base painted an Imperial Guard Hellhound for a client who will be weathering it. Once that’s done I’ll see if I can swing a picture here.

Now underway we have some Space Hulk. Just the Terminators to do.

Just the one complete so far the lovely Dead Terminator. Here’s a few piccies: