Orkky with a touch of Stormcast

Vanguard Orcs Complete.JPG

Vanguard orcs ready for the table now after some hefty sidetracking (both painting and gaming) with Shadespire. We’ll have to see how they perform now they’ve had another (much needed) balancing pass. I really should find a way to up this to a full Kings of War army, but having to build custom movement trays will probably make it a job I put off essentially indefinitely.

Two more warbands painted for Shadespire. Steelheart’s Champions were already underway last post. They’re quite nice figures even if I don’t like what they stand for (having Space Marines in Fantasy).

Steelheart's Champions.JPG

Also remember I said I hate the Age of Sigmar orcs in yellow? Guess which colour I painted some Shadespire Orcs?

In short I think their yellow is far too bright. Also I wanted to try a strong airbrush zenithal highlight and colour modulation technique and these fellas get to be guinea pigs. Reasonably satisfied with the result, though I’m not sure what the colour modulation step (basecoat in pink then glaze with yellow) really brings to the table.

Shadespire does seem like a great game for painting then ebaying painted warbands. I’ve now got some Skaven on the table which I’ll do for that purpose specifically and we’ll see if they sell.

Next up those and I’ll do a proper Shadespire review as a separate article If the Citadel Air review metrics are anything to go by that’s the biggest draw for the blog!